Penyokong Setia

26 May 2010

macik exam next week! :)

gonna face mid-year exam next week,so ta pndai2 nx doakn sy??
haha,JK lash..

errmm,rarely on9 now..
y?? not bcoz exam juz around da corner actly,
but i'm feel so bored n dunno 2 do what when i on9..
better juz keep myself away from my LEBLY lappy rite??

i hev a bunch of homwek and LUCKILY i doesn't finish it yet..
erghh,i'm so strez..

i prefer to study early in da monim than middle of night..
so,juz wake up early scha.. *pstt,it's most hard thing to do in my life keyh!*

hope can pass wif flyim colours in dis exam..
wish me luck guys! <3

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